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    Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (PECI) is a community secondary school located in Picton, Ontario serving over 600 students from across Prince Edward County. With a strong academic program, a wide variety of athletic & extra-curricular activities, and excellent facilities, PECI continues a more than 50-year tradition of serving all students living in Prince Edward County to ensure their success in the world.
  • Globally Minded Leaders & Learners

    We believe that the most important people in the world walk our halls and aspire to create learning opportunities where our students can collaborate and develop the skills they require to compete in an ever-changing world. PECI…where learning matters!
  • Academic Excellence

    Our focus on academic excellence means we are committed to the continuous development of our programs and courses, how they are designed, and how we deliver them. Our Venture Enrichment program offers our students an outstanding preparation for students in the post-secondary pathway.
  • Dedication to the Arts

    We believe that communication through self-expression is essential to the creative development of each student. In our art's classrooms, students are encouraged to explore their own dramatic, musical and visual arts abilities and to interact with others in group situations. Students can also get involved with clubs such as the Improv Team and the school play.
  • Innovating With Technology

    Technological innovation influences all areas of life. Technological education at PECI focuses on developing students’ ability to work creatively and competently with technologies to be able to meet the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century. Our students earn dual-credits with Loyalist College through our unique Trading-Up program.
  • Learning Through Athletics

    Physical activity and athletics have a major impact on students both in and out of the classroom. At PECI, our dedicated coaches teach the importance of working together as a team and strength of character. Through sport students learn the leadership skills, how to embrace each other's strengths and how to make up for the other's weaknesses. We are better together!
  • Digital Citizens Learning & Embracing Possibilities Today & Tomorrow

    Our students are highly connected as they leverage digital and learn how to self-regulate and manage the tools of our 21st century world to position them well academically today and tomorrow!
  • Feel The Spirit of Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

    The ultimate student experience is our primary focus, with an emphasis on mental, physical, emotional and intellectual well-being. We offer a highly supportive environment where spirit is contagious!
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  • Panther Families Update: Helpful Reminders

    Panther Families Update:  One sleep left until the 2018-19 school year begins.  It has been an incredibly busy weekend finalizing all of the preparations as we look forward to welcoming the first classes ever in our K-12 community school setting.  The following is a list of helpful reminders for our school community in order to allow our learning space to be productive, safe and maximize opportunity.

    Entry/Exit Points:

    All Secondary students will enter/exit through Entrances A, B, C1 and W. 

    Elementary bus students will enter/exit through Entrance D until the new handrail is installed on Entrance C—at that time, it will become the main entrance for elementary students.

    Parents dropping off elementary students may do so at Entrance E—also known as our ‘Kiss & Drop’ or at the main office through Entrance A.  Please refer to the map and photos included for more detail.

    Classroom Teacher Assignments and Student Timetables:

    We are fortunate to have a significant number of new registrations joining our Panther family throughout all grades and we have spent the weekend balancing classes.  Classroom teacher assignments for elementary will be shared on the first day.  Students will be greeted from the bus and directed to gathering areas as previously described.  Should it be raining in the morning (and the weather looks perfect now), we will have our students who plan to gather outside relocated to the cafeteria for to meet their teachers.

    Secondary timetables will be distributed in homerooms.  Students may locate their homeroom from walls either outside the main office OR outside the cafeteria by the staffroom.

    Student Parking:

    Parking will be extremely limited this year and by parking permit only in order that we have adequate room for staff.   There will be a few Student Parking spaces on campus and those will be assigned by application/need only.  Parking Permit applications will be available at the main office and online beginning the first day of classes.  Students are encouraged to take the bus those who must drive are encouraged to park across at the Community Soccer field lot for the first week of school while the improvements to the parking lot are completed and as we work through the assignment of permits.  Vehicles onsite without a pass are subject to being towed at the owners expense.  Thank you for your cooperation.

    We would like to thank ALL of our staff and entire school community for all of their collective investment in ensuring the New K-12 Prince Edward Collegiate Institute has a fantastic start to the school year.  We look forward to our new beginning tomorrow.


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  • PECI K-12 First Day Details For The 2018-19 School Year

    Welcome to the beginning of a fresh, exciting school year at PECI, your K to 12 County community school! Firstly, we thank all families and community partners for their patience and support as we work together to create a safe, positive transition for our students from the fun of summer vacation to the fun of learning and growing at school. The following message outlines first day procedures for student arrival that will ensure that we all begin our 2018-2019 school year in the best manner possible.

    Students Who Ride the Bus to School:

    All bus students will be met by staff as their buses arrive. Secondary students will enter the building through the Main Entrance (A) and Entrance B at the front of the school. Elementary students will enter through Entrance C with their staff escort and move together to a gathering place reflective of their grade. Primary students in Grade K to 3 will be gathering in our elementary gym (formerly known as Gym A). Junior and Intermediate in Grades 4 to 8 students will be gathering at the rear of the school.

    Students Who are Dropped Off at School:
    Secondary students dropped off at school will enter through the Main Entrance (A) and Entrance B at the front of the school. Elementary students dropped off at school will enter through Entrance E (formerly known as Sunnyside and now our Primary ‘Kiss & Drop Entrance’). Primary students in Grades K to 3 will be welcomed by staff and escorted to our elementary gym (Gym A). Junior and Intermediate students in Grades 4 to 8 will be greeted by staff and escorted to a meeting place at the rear of the school.

    From the specified gathering spaces, students will be met by their teachers and assembled in to their designated classes according to teachers’ class lists. Teachers will then escort their students to their new learning spaces and the first adventures of learning at PECI, K-12 will begin.

    If you have questions regarding any of these details, please reach out to the main office. We look forward to learning and working with you and your students.


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  • Elementary First Day Details Coming Soon!

    To all of our new elementary Panther families...

    We realize the transition to a new school is a significant change in both your students' and your lives. We will post specific details regarding our first day processes including where to drop your student off, busing procedures, how they will be connected with their classroom teacher and any other pertinent details early next week. Please know that we are focused on culture of care as we work through the fine details.

    We have a phenomenal staff who are committed to ensuring your students have an outstanding year and we look forward to working with you.  Thank you for your patience.


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  • 2018 Kindergarten & Gr. 9 Orientation Programs

    Panther Parents:  Your K-12 Community School believes that transitions matter and we are thrilled to extend a personal invitation to the following two orientation programs:

    Attention Kindergarten Panther Parents

    The dawn of a new school year is in sight and PECI is proud to invite you to our 2018 Kindergarten orientation on Wednesday, August 29th.  This will be a drop in format between 9:00 and 11:00 am and offer an opportunity to meet our staff, ask any questions that may be of concern and discuss any additional considerations you wish.

    Construction crews are continuing to work hard preparing our new learning spaces and we are excited for the opportunities that these new environments will hold in store.  As a result, we will be meeting in our Library for the orientation session.  We will be hosting an elementary open house early in the school year to offer parents a chance to see the actual new classroom spaces.

    We look forward to meeting you and creating new beginnings together.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  See you soon!

    Attention Grade 9 Panthers & Parents

    The 2018-19 school year is almost here and PECI is excited to invite you to our 2018 Grade 9 Panther orientation on Wednesday, August 29th from 9:00 to 11:00 am.  This is a great opportunity to meet new friends, receive a copy of your timetable, find your classes and locker and ask any questions that you may have before the big day arrives!

    The program is led by students, for students and is a great opportunity to engage prior to busyness of the first day.

    We look forward to meeting you and creating new beginnings together.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  See you soon!

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