Details about the ARC process in Prince Edward County

As we work through the upcoming Accommodation Review Process for Prince Edward County, we want students, parents, staff and our greater school community to have the best information possible.  Please click here to access information from the HPEDSB Accommodation Review Page as this link will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Further, you have student, staff, parent and community representativces on the ARC Committee whose role will be to represent the greater collective voice at the table as we work through this important process.  For information, Prince Edward Collegiate's ARC Representatives include:

Student Rep:  Monica Lindsay

School Council Rep:  Steph Roth

Parent Reps:  Shelley McFarland and Kim Stacey

Community Reps:  Dave MacKay and Ms. Johnson

Teaching Staff Rep:  Heather Munroe

Non-Teaching Staff Rep:  Chris Bakker

Principal Rep:  Darren McFarlane

Key dates for the Prince Edward Community ARC process are available by clicking here.

PECI would like to sincerely thank all of these invested members of our greater school community for their contributions of time, insight and genuine care as we navigate this important work thinking about the possibilities of today and tomorrow in service of our students and their learning.