Business and Computer Studies

No matter what career you are thinking of pursuing once you have finished school, you will all end up one day looking for a job. When you find that job, regardless of whether it is with a large corporation, a small local firm, or even if you decide to run your own company, you will all end up working for a Business!

It will be in your own best interest to possess certain skills and knowledge regarding how businesses work. Business and Computer courses at PECI are designed to help all students prepare for that day when they become part of a business. 

If you will be an athlete or a scientist, an artist or a carpenter, there are certain skills that everyone needs to help make their business a success. Business and Computer courses will help you gain these necessary skills and get you ready for a successful career, no matter what that career may be!

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 Business Certificate

Any PECI student who successfully completes a minimum of 5 Business Courses (course codes beginning with a B) by the time they graduate will be awarded with PECI’s Business Certificate. This award can be listed on a resume, or included in a post-secondary application to demonstrate that the student has achieved a solid background in business studies.