Math Department

Do you know how often you use math? Not only do you use it in many day-to-day tasks, but many jobs will require you to have math skills. The PECI Math Department offers courses in all pathways to help you prepare for your future. Our academic and university level courses will prepare you for many university programs. Our applied and college courses will prepare you for some university programs, any college program as well as apprenticeships. If you are planning to enter the workforce after high school, you may find success in our essential and workplace courses. You must complete three mathematics courses to graduate, but you may need or want to take more courses to meet the prerequisite requirements for the next stage of your education. You should research the areas of study that interest you to determine if there is a math prerequisite. For more information about the math courses available or to discuss an appropriate pathway, please see one of our math teachers.

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Required Materials for all Math courses:

  1. Scientific Calculator
  2. Ruler
  3. 3 Ring Binder
  4. Lined Paper
  5. Graph Paper
  6. Pencil Eraser

Links to Useful Math Websites


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