• Your Community School

    Your Community School

    Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (PECI) is your community K-12 school located in Picton, Ontario serving over 1000 students from across Prince Edward County. With rich learning experiences for students of all ages, a variety of athletic & extra-curricular opportunities, and excellent facilities, PECI continues a more than 60-year tradition of serving the families of Prince Edward County to ensure our young people experience success at school and beyond.
  • Globally Minded Leaders & Learners

    Globally Minded Leaders & Learners

    We believe that the most important people in the world walk our halls and aspire to create learning opportunities where our students can see themselves as connected citizens of the world. Our learners apply their knowledge and skills to make a difference in their local, national, and global communities.
  • Academic Excellence

    Academic Excellence

    Our focus on academic excellence means we are committed to the continuous development of dynamic, inclusive educational experiences. We believe in learning opportunities that ensure that all of our students grow as capable, confident, curious learners who experience success.
  • Dedication to the Arts

    Dedication to the Arts

    We believe that communication through self-expression is essential to the creative development of each student, K-12. In classrooms and dedicated courses students are encouraged to explore their own dramatic, musical and visual arts abilities. Students across grades have access to learning spaces and resources that allow them to develop talents connected to the Arts.
  • Innovating With Technology

    Innovating With Technology

    Technological innovation influences all areas of life. Technological education at PECI in both our classrooms and dedicated course studies focuses on developing students’ ability to work creatively and competently with technologies to be able to meet the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century.
  • Learning Through Athletics

    Learning Through Athletics

    Physical activity and athletics have a major impact on students both in and out of the classroom. At PECI, our students learn about the connection between healthy bodies and health minds. As members of extra-curricular sports teams, they learn leadership, the importance of working together as a team and strength of character.
  • Digital Citizens Learning & Embracing Possibilities Today & Tomorrow

    Digital Citizens Learning & Embracing Possibilities Today & Tomorrow

    Our students are highly connected as they leverage digital formats. They learn how to self-regulate and manage the tools of our 21st century world in order to position themselves as active leaders and learners today and tomorrow!
  • Feel The Spirit of Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

    Feel The Spirit of Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

    The ultimate student experience that engaged the whole student is our primary focus, with an emphasis on mental, physical, emotional and intellectual well-being. We offer a highly supportive environment, a profound sense of community, and a commitment to Panther pride where school spirit is contagious!
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  • School climate survey


    Schools need to be safe and welcoming places in order to support all students in reaching their full potential.

    HPEDSB is conducting school climate surveys with students, parents/guardians and school staff to find out about two closely related issues: equity and inclusive education; and bullying/harassment.

    Learn more.

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  • E-learning Opportunities

    All secondary schools and Quinte Adult Education offer access to e-Learning courses. e-Learning brings equity of access to and more options for students throughout the district and beyond. It assists students to fulfill graduation requirements for college or university, or proceeding to the workplace. 

    Check it out.

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  • Scholarships

    Scholarships are about more than grades. Other considerations include leadership, stewardship, extracurricular activities, volunteering, post-secondary plans and financial needs.

    Apply now

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  • Kindergarten Registration 2019

    Starting school is an exciting time for young children and their families. All our elementary schools offer Kindergarten for Year 1 (JK) and Year 2 (SK).

    Learn more!

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Panther Families Update:  One sleep left until the 2018-19 school year begins.  It has been an incredibly busy weekend finalizing all of the preparations as we look forward to welcoming the first classes ever in our K-12 community school setting.  The following is a list of helpful reminders for our school community in order to allow our learning space to be productive, safe and maximize opportunity.

Entry/Exit Points:

All Secondary students will enter/exit through Entrances A, B, C1 and W. 

Elementary bus students will enter/exit through Entrance D until the new handrail is installed on Entrance C—at that time, it will become the main entrance for elementary students.

Parents dropping off elementary students may do so at Entrance E—also known as our ‘Kiss & Drop’ or at the main office through Entrance A.  Please refer to the map and photos included for more detail.

Classroom Teacher Assignments and Student Timetables:

We are fortunate to have a significant number of new registrations joining our Panther family throughout all grades and we have spent the weekend balancing classes.  Classroom teacher assignments for elementary will be shared on the first day.  Students will be greeted from the bus and directed to gathering areas as previously described.  Should it be raining in the morning (and the weather looks perfect now), we will have our students who plan to gather outside relocated to the cafeteria for to meet their teachers.

Secondary timetables will be distributed in homerooms.  Students may locate their homeroom from walls either outside the main office OR outside the cafeteria by the staffroom.

Student Parking:

Parking will be extremely limited this year and by parking permit only in order that we have adequate room for staff.   There will be a few Student Parking spaces on campus and those will be assigned by application/need only.  Parking Permit applications will be available at the main office and online beginning the first day of classes.  Students are encouraged to take the bus those who must drive are encouraged to park across at the Community Soccer field lot for the first week of school while the improvements to the parking lot are completed and as we work through the assignment of permits.  Vehicles onsite without a pass are subject to being towed at the owners expense.  Thank you for your cooperation.

We would like to thank ALL of our staff and entire school community for all of their collective investment in ensuring the New K-12 Prince Edward Collegiate Institute has a fantastic start to the school year.  We look forward to our new beginning tomorrow.