Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Students are responsible for the care and security of personal cell phones and electronic devices. PECI will not repsonsible for a student's lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices. 

During the school day, the use of cell phones and electronic devices is restricted to specific times.  Students may use their cell phones and electronic devices during break and at lunch hour in the hallway and cafeteria.  Cell phones and electronic devices may not be used during class time without explicit permission from the teacher, and then they are only to be used as they relate to the instructional activities and practises for that specific period.

Both in class as well as outside of class time, the privacy, dignity and safety of others must be maintained through the appropriate use of cell phones and electronic devices.  Digital images and/or recordings may only be captured with the explicit permission of the person(s) involved.

Students are expected to demonstrate responsible digital citizenry relating to their use of cell phones and electronic devices .  Students using their cell phones or electronic devices inappropriately, and/or for purposes other than those specified by their teacher will be subject to consequences that may include:

•    warnings
•    device kept in the office until the end of the day or a parent can be reached
•    for ongoing or serious infractions, detentions, in-school or out of school suspensions may be appopriate.