Emergency Response Procedures

As part of our on-going efforts to ensure a safe learning environment at PECI, we continue to practice our emergency response procedures regularly.

Fire Drills - six times througout the school year, staff and students will practise full evacuation procedures.

Lockdown, Secure and Hold, Shelter in Place - practice drills will be held twice during the school year.


Lockdown is a response to a major incident or threat of school violence within the school, or the immediate area of the school. A Lockdown isolates students, the staff and others from danger by requiring that everyone remain inside the building in secure locations.

Secure and Hold: is a response to an ongoing situation inside or outside the school, when it is desirable to secure the school. In this situation staff and students will remain in classrooms or will report to the closest classroom/secure location until such time as the situation is resolved.

Shelter in Place: is a response to an external situation which may or may not be related to the school (eg. an environmental situation such as a chemical spill or an extreme weather-related situation in the neighbourhood). Staff an students move freely within the school.

In case of an Emergency Situation, we would ask for parent/guardian cooperation. Please:

• Do not text or call your child
• Do not come to the school or attempt to enter the building
• Do not call the school for updates; listen to your local radio station