Prince Edward County Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) Parent/Guardian Selection Process for PECI

As you know by now, the Prince Edward School Group has been announced as the focus of one of the three Accommodation Review Processes that will be occurring this year.  HPEDSB Procedure 178 succinctly outlines the mandate and composition of the Accommodation Review Committees, also called “ARCs.”  This procedure notes, specifically, that two parents can be representatives on the ARC along with one School Council Chair.  Our Director of Education requires that we have our selections for our ARC members in place before December 23, 2016.

Selection Process:

Please note the following information that was communicated by our Director:

It is important to share with everyone who may consider this role that there will be a minimum of five meetings all of which will be held in public session. It is likely that additional working meetings of the ARC and school-based teams will be necessary.  ARC meetings will take place between January and May. Board Committee meetings related to ARC’s will take place in May and June. There will be two meetings at which the public will have input in each area.

Please also note that all of the ARC meetings will be held outside of school hours. The school-based ARC meeting dates are set by the Board and are available by clicking here.  Participation in the ARC is voluntary.  ARC members are limited to those designated for participation; delegates or proxies are not permitted in the ARC member’s absence.  If a member is unable to attend, the meeting proceeds according to schedule.

We will use the following process to select our parent members for the ARC.

Eligibility:  Any parent or guardian who has a student attending Prince Edward Collegiate Institute is eligible to serve on the ARC as parent representative.

Self-Nomination:  Parents or guardians who wish to serve on the ARC for PECI may formally identify themselves by attending the upcoming school council meeting on Tuesday, December 13th when they will indicate their interest at that time.

Voting:  If more than 1 person is nominated, voting will take place by secret ballot at the school council meeting.  This will be a timed item at the beginning of the meeting.  No voting will take place after that time.

Selection:  The 2 parents/guardians who receive the most votes will be selected for the ARC.

Ties:  Should the voting result in a tie, a re-vote will be held. The ballots for the re-vote will have only the parent/guardian names who are part of the tie.

Announcement:  The parent/guardian members of the ARC will be announced by social media upon conclusion of voting.

All parents/guardians interested in the process are encouraged to attend the school council meeting on Tuesday, December 13th to ask any questions they may have prior to formally identifying themselves as a prospective member.  Please feel free to contact the school if you require information ahead of the meeting.

We look forward to working with you as we engage in possibility thinking in service of our students.