URGENT: Local Health Risk for Students

The local Hastings Prince Edward Health Unit has issued a high alert warning for students and youth in the local area.  In recent weeks, highly dangerous drugs have been discovered in circulation and have been linked to several youth deaths in Eastern Ontario.  These deaths have resulted from youth consuming drugs containing illicit fentanyl that appeared to be prescriptions that were illegally sold on the street as well as marijuana, cocaine and other street drugs that were laced.  These drugs and the risk they present are confirmed to be present in our region.  These drugs are highly addictive and in many cases deadly even in small amounts; the chance of over-dosing is extremely high.

As always, the best decision is to avoid the consumption of any illegal or street drugs as that is really the only true way to be safe.  If you do make the choice to use drugs or you believe someone has slipped you a drug at a party and you begin to feel ill, contact help immediately- DO NOT WAIT TO SEE IF THE EFFECTS WEAR OFF.  Similarly, if you see someone who has consumed something and they are acting strangely, show your caring by contacting help or calling 911 immediately.  You need to know that fentanyl is NOT a second chance drug and not something to take a risk with.

All opioids prescription and non-prescription have a risk of overdose. Opioids are a depressant drug, which means that they slow down the part of the brain that controls breathing. Overdose of opioids can result in death because breathing stops.

Students are encouraged to read more from the Hastings Prince Edward Health Unit by clicking here.

Parents are also encouraged to read more by clicking here.  The Health Unit has issued a letter to parents that can be viewed by clicking here.

Panthers...be safe, live clean & be well.  As always, look out for one another.

We stress that it is never acceptable or condoned to take illegal drugs.  We want our students to be well educated regarding the risks that exist in the local Hastings Prince Edward area and how they can help others who may become at risk.  This message is shared in partnership with the Hastings Prince Edward Health Unit as we work together to keep our students safe, healthy, prepared and empowered for the possibilities of today and tomorrow.