Each year at PECI the Athletics Awards Celebration is held. Each interschool team recognizes the efforts of the athletes by presenting two out of the three following awards.

Most Dedicated
- Eagerness to learn
- Willingness to be coached and apply movement skills, strategies and tactics taught
- Regular attendance at practices and games
- Consistent attitude and effort displayed

Most Improved
- Obvious improvement in movement skills/ability to apply strategies and tactics during the season                                 
- Improved season attentiveness and willingness to follow instructions
- Improved leadership skills during the season

Most Valuable
- Displays excellence in their sport- high degree of movement skill competence
- Consistent contribution to team success - scoring, strong application of strategies and tactics, leadership


Some other awards traditionally presented by P.E.C.I. to its athletes are:

Athlete of the Year

This award is presented to athletes who demonstrate outstanding athletic ability combined with good sportsmanship and leadership. It is presented to a junior boy, junior girl, senior boy, senior girl, grade 9 boy and grade 9 girl.

boysathletegirlathleteofyear juniorboys juniorgirls

Joe Scott Award

This award is given to an athlete displaying specialized excellence in their event.

Jeremy Vincent Award

This is presented to a track and field athlete who has demonstrated excellence in their event.

OPIE Award

Awards given to athletes who have unselfishly contributed to interschool sports or the life of sports in the school.

Athletic Points Awards

Athletes who have accumulated a specific number of athletic points based on interschool participation and achievement are presented with medals or plaques -- awards are given for 80, 100 and 120 points (at 120 points the award is called the "Atheletic Award of Excellence").