Interschool Athletics: Participation Agreement

Team Attendance
Regular attendance at practices and league games is expected.

School Attendance/Academic Progress 
To compete, a student's attendance and academic progress must be in good standing.

Permission Form 
A permission form must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned prior to the first league game.

As a competitor for P.E.C.I. during travel to games, students must display appropriate and sportsmanlike behaviour toward teammantes, opponents, coaches, and officials. The "School Code of Conduct" is to be followed at all events.

Uniform/Equipment Care
Students will be issued a uniform. They must care for and return the issued uniform promptly at the end of the season.

Student Activity Fee
The financial commitment required to provide sports at P.E.C.I. necessitates the payment of an Athletic Activity Fee in advance of the competitive season.

Athletic Fee Structure: An athlete will pay $40.00 for the first team they compete on during the school year. For each subsequent team, the athlete will pay $20.00, up to a maximum of $80.00/athlete/year. (ie: An athlete playing on multiple teams over the course of the year will be charged at most $80.00) Where there is more than one athlete from the same family, no family shall be charged over $190.00 per school year.

Riding to or from a league game or tournament or if driving personally, students must follow the Board Policy and provide the proper documentation.

Any student athlete must be registered at the school they compete for, as a full-time day student. Transfer students are ineligible until declared eligible by the transfer policy. (See Article 19 in the Bay of Quinte Constitution).

For the first three years of high school, a student must be registered in a minimum of six semestered courses/year or a minimum of 3 full day credits in the semester he/she participates. After the third year of highschool, a student must be taking four non-semestered courses over a school year (2 full credit courses per semester). Exceptional circumstances may be applied in writing to the Executive council.