It’s all about girl power! PECI’s brand spanking new club, the Girls Group is a place where girls from all types of social cliques can come and share their feelings and express their emotions while feeling safe and comfortable. It is a club whose goal is to help teenage girls build their self-confidence and love who they are. It focuses on healthy relationships with female peers, but it also focuses on the romantic relationship. The group meets every Wednesday and their end of year project is the Girls Retreat.

Girls Retreat

The Girls Retreat is a chance for girls to spend the day interacting with their friends, but also to interact with girls that they wouldn’t normally talk to. They spend the day performing hands on activities to promote a safe and healthy body image, but also safe and healthy relationships. The added bonus of the Girls Retreat is the Warm Fuzzy Wall. A wall is decorated with envelopes that are labeled with all of the girls’ names and the girls write down encouraging and warming facts about each other and place them in these envelopes.  It is a positive day for girls to have fun and just be who they are.