Students' Council


Students' Council is a spirited group of people who are crazy about P.E.C.I. They are the people who keep us running. Students' Council hosts a Leadership Camp every year. Panther Pride is what this group is all about. Members are always there when you need help or have a concern.

Positions in Students' Council

Position Job Description

Leads assemblies, represents the school publicly, attends meetings in and outside of school, plans special events etc.

Office Administrator

In charge of morning announcements, keeps track of meeting minutes, organizes the calendar and dates of events.

Speaker of the House

Begins, ends and keeps track and order of class representative meetings

Athletic Reps

Manage panther wear, deal with coaches for sports related events

Grade Reps

Every grade has a single grade rep, with the exception of grade nine which has multiple grade reps.  Grade reps are in charge of incuraging other students in their grade to participate in class challenges, spirit days and to keep their grade spirited.

Public Relations Officer

Reads morning announcements and communicates with the media for necessary coverage.

Student Card Coordinator

In charge of the sale and distribution of student cards to each student in the school

Class Challenge Coordinator

In charge of organizing and supervising class challenges for the school