As you progress through high school you will face many decisions and your needs will change, especially when you start making plans for your future. Guidance teachers can provide assistance with course choices & changes, new registrations, post-secondary & career information, information about scholarships, community involvement,and others. Guidance teachers can also provide individual counselling for personal concerns, problems and future plans.

Contact Information : 613-476-2196
M. Ronan (Guidance and Cooperative Education Department Head) ext 2231
S. White (Guidance Counsellor) ext 2265
R. Furmidge (Child and Youth Counsellor) ext 2227

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Post Secondary Planning

Our guidance team has prepared some documents that will help guide students as they plan their exit from PECI.

Other Links: Diploma Requirements Path to Success Site

Pathways and Timetabling

PECI offers courses suited to students following the apprenticeship, college, university or workplace pathways.

Courses are offered in two semesters. Four courses are offered from September to January and four are offered from February to June.The four subjects are taken daily for the semester. Course selection for the following school year occurs in February.

Parents and students are encouraged to attend the Pathways Parent Night in February, to discuss with Department Heads the courses offered to students for the upcoming school year.