Prince Edward Alternative School

Prince Edward Alternative School (PEAS) is our non-traditional classroom setting. It is a environment where students work on available courses independently. Students must complete a minimum number of lessons each week

Students can apply to attend PEAS based on the following criteria:

  • they are 16 years of age
  • they are willing to work independently
  • they have approval of the Principal.

For further information contact Mr. Callaghan at 613-476-2196 extension 2225.

Current PEAS students have written the following testimonials:

“I think the school system should be run like PEAS. PEAS works for me.”-Kaley

“If it wasn’t for PEAS I wouldn’t be in school! They don’t rush us and they actually sit down with me to explain how things should be done. When your hours and lessons are finished for the week, we can enjoy time off.” -Teri

“If it wasn’t for PEAS I wouldn’t be in school. We work at our own pace. If I need help I can get it.” -Jon

“It’s a great program for people like me who have quit school and then returned. I’ve been in Loyola, College Prep programs with Loyalist and I think this (PEAS) is the best ever.” -Dwayne

“The hours are good, more freedom in class. You can be yourself. The lessons are easier to do, I have good instructors and a relaxing environment. Everyone lets you work at your own speed.” -Mike

“Helps me to get through my lessons faster. It’s a relaxing atmosphere and I can work at my own speed.” -Garrett

“It’s more relaxing, lets me be myself. It’s a comfortable working atmosphere. I can work at my own speed. I am responsible for my own actions. The people give what ever help is needed. The hours are more flexible and seem to suit me better. And the teachers are really cool!” -Dale