Supporting Students With Special Learning Needs

Prince Edward Collegiate offers a range of special education services and programs designed to meet a wide range of student needs. The Interdepartmental Special Education Head (ISEH), Ms Munroe, co-ordinates and supports all special education referrals, programs and services required by Identified and many At-Risk Students.

The ISEH ensures that each student identified through the IPRC Process has an Individual Education Plan that accurately reflects his/her learning needs and assists teachers to meet those needs as much as possible within the school structure. The needs of most Identified Students are met through accommodations within regular classes.

For additional information on the services and supports provided, please use the following link:
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board - Student Services Department



Students are also encouraged to access the following supports through the Resource Room and/or Opportunity Room:
  • Assistance with assignment completion
  • Notebook organization
  • Study skills
  • Test/examination preparation and accommodations
  • Behavioural support
  • Liaison with home/agencies/ teachers etc.
  • Computer and assistive technology for identified students

If you have questions or concerns about a program or student with special needs, or for information regarding Learning Strategies, Practical Learning Program (PLP), and Life Skills Program (LSP), please contact Ms. Munroe in the Resource Room or at 613-476-2196 extension 56413.