Prince Edward Collegiate has a strong tradition of academic excellence. This has been established through a team effort. Our team includes students, teachers, family, support staff and principals.

We strongly encourage students to examine their strengths, needs and interests in choosing their pathway to success.

To help along the way, PECI has a strong Resource / Student Success Team including:

  • Mr. D. McFarlane, Principal
  • Ms. T. McMahon, Vice-Principal
  • Mrs. H. Munroe, Interdepartmental Special Education Head
  • Mrs. L. Fraser, Student Success Teacher
  • Mr. M. Ronan, Student Services Head
  • Mrs. S. White, Guidance Teacher
  • Mr. R. Furmidge, Child & Youth Counsellor

Communication is key to success. Please contact your classroom teachers or any of the above individuals if you have questions or concerns about your pathway or your success.