How To Be Successful

  1. Attend! (Success is directly correlated to attendance.)
  2. Arrive on time. You will miss important information if you are not present at the beginning of class.
  3. Make sure you always have the materials you will need for class (binder, paper, textbook, pen/pencil, agenda, calculator, etc.)
  4. Use your agenda during each class to record important dates and events. Check it before leaving school.
  5. Hand all your work in on time. Use your agenda to plan when you will work on each part of the assignment.
  6. Do your nightly homework. By completing your homework each night you will know what you understand and what you need to get help with.
  7. Ask your teacher(s) for help when you need it. Do not leave this until the last minute!
  8. Keep an organized binder. Assignments and other important papers are less likely to get lost.
  9. Get caught up if you are away. A lot is accomplished in a 75 minute period.
  10. Get involved in at least one club or sport. Show your Panther Pride!

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