Organizational Tips

Part One- Notebooks

Most teachers ask you to have one binder for each class. Try to have four different colours so you can pick the correct one out of your locker. Depending on the volume of notes you get you may be able to just use a morning binder and an afternoon binder.

  • It is critical that you keep your binders organized!
  • Use dividers to separate the units. They can be purchased ones with tabs or you can use the plastic sheet protectors and insert your own divider sheet.
  • Keep all your assessments - they are your best study tool.
  • Have hole reinforcements available in case the page gets ripped out.
  • Avoid doodling in your notes, have a piece of scrap paper available if you are a doodler.
  • Each note must be dated.
  • Write a title for each note. If it is a continuation of a previous note record that.
  • Use colour - underlining, highlighting, etc. to make important information stand out.
  • Use the margins to record ideas the teacher has said but not included in his/her note.
  • Take a couple minutes at the end of each period to place your papers in the correct location in the rings of the binder.

Part Two - Nightly Homework

  • It is critical that you complete homework on the night it is assigned - many subject areas require you to understand concepts in the order they have been presented.
  • Do it on a clean sheet of paper so it is easy to hand in if it is asked for.
  • Title and date the sheet.
  • Include the page number and question numbers if it is from a textbook.
  • List the title of the handout if it is not from a textbook.
  • Place checkmarks beside each question as you either check it against the answer key (math) or as you take it up.
  • Make sure you eventually have the correct answers in your notes.
  • If you do not understand the homework get extra help quickly.

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