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How to prepare for Course Culminating Activities: Check out the following links.

Before you start Types of Learners How do I Study this Stuff? Friends don't let friends flunk CCAs!


Before you start:

Take time to make sure that you:

1. Have all the notes, handouts, assignments and tests from your course. Make sure everything is complete. If it's a blank sheet, get it done!

2. Organize your notes chronologically starting from the beginning of the semester and finishing with the final unit.

3. Gather all the materials you need. The fewer times you have to get up the better!

4. Claim your territory. You should set up an area to study that is: quiet, free of distractions (TV, phone, etc.), comfortable, and well-lit.

5. Create a schedule for both long range (1 week) and short term (1 day) study sessions with priorities - what do I need to know NOW? What can wait?

6. Schedule time for short breaks which include good snacks! Limit your study time into manageable chunks but don't procrastinate - go back to work at the end of break time!

6:00 - 6:45 Math Science Geography English
6:45 - 6:55 talk on MSN go for a walk video game build a snowman
6:55 - 7:40 English Math Science Geography
7:40 - 7:50 sliced apples popcorn crackers and cheese veggies and dip
7:50 - 8:30 Geography English Math Science
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Types of Learners

Based on the type of learner you are, certain techniques may work better for you than others.

Tips for all students:

1. Know what is to be covered on your Course Culminating Activity (CCA).

2. Find out what the format will be for your CCA - multiple choice, long answer questions, definitions, essays, etc.

3. Decide which study method works best for you.

Audio Learners - need lots of oral repetition of material, oral questioning, talk about material.

Visual Learners - need to recreate information in visually representative forms - charts, graphs, diagrams, and use colour coding

Kinesthetic Learners - need to learn by doing - make study notes, rewrite course notes.

How do I study this stuff?

Studying happens in various stages. Based on the type of learner you are, you may find one stage more comfortable but ALL ARE IMPORTANT!

1. Review material - read over your notes, focusing only on the material you know will be on your CCA.

2. Colour code your notes - one colour for "I know this stuff!", another for "I still need to review this", and a third for "I still need to learn this".

3. Find out the answers to your "I need to lean this" information.

4. Rewrite your notes focusing on the information coded "I need to review" and "I need to learn".

5. Review your notes. Read them aloud, or to yourself. Quiz yourself.

6. Code your notes a second time.  You should see a lot more "I know this stuff" colour this time!

7. Review, review, review!!!!

Friends don't let friends flunk CCAs!

Studying with friends can be a great idea - but only AFTER you have studied on your own!

1. Choose a study group that is a balance of both fun AND focused attention to the task.

2. Meet in a location where you won't be distracted by activities that are more fun than studying.

3. Decide how long your study session will be, schedule in some short breaks. Appoint someone the clock watcher during those breaks to get you back on task.

4. Take turns with different roles in the group: the teacher/mediator, the student, the prompter (you get to use your notes) so that you get to experience all learning opportunities.

5. Try out different methods of questioning - the game show, true or false, multiple choice, pictionary for diagrams, the options are vast!

6.Try to get together more than once during your CCA study period - you'll find that you will learn lots from each other.

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