How do I access funds to subsidize conferences?

1. Send the principal an e-mail requesting permission to attend the conference.
2. Complete a planned absence form in order to get pre-approval for supply.
3. Complete the OSSTF form and submit to S. Sweetapple (PD Co- Chair).

4. Complete the Board’s Staff Development form in advance and submit to Debbie Lucas, Human Resources. (max. $200.00 for conferences and $250.00 for courses)

5. After your conference, submit your original receipts to Doug Ferguson(OSSTF- Federation House) and Debbie Lucas (Board Office).

PLEASE NOTE: Subsidies for AQ and coaching courses will be considered at the end of May. Remaining funds will be allocated.

TEP Fund

  • The TEP fund has changed. Teachers may purchase computers anytime during the current school year. Submit original receipts. Payment will be made by June 30th of the current school year.
  • Apply online.

YOUR PD COMMITTEE (2011 – 2012):

Chris Windfeld, Caryn Phoenix-Renz, Shane Sweetapple, Laurie Spencer, and Hilary Anne Clarke.

Annual Learning Plan Creator (OSSTF – District 29)