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Student Services


The school’s Guidance Department encourages students and parents to participate fully in the programs, workshops, lessons and individual sessions intended to assist students in moving successfully toward their post secondary destinations.

A complete explanation of the goals of the guidance and career education program are described in the policy document entitled Choices Into Action: Guidance and Career Education Program Policy for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 1999.

Department Contacts
Mr. Ronan, Head of Student Services / Guidance and Cooperative Education
Mrs. S. White, Guidance
Mr. R. Furmidge, C.Y.C.
Mrs. L. Fraser, Student Success

Students are assisted in accessing community agencies and resources:

  • Hastings & Prince Edward Children & Youth Services Network
  • Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit
  • Local Police Services
  • Children’s Aid Society
  • Youth Habilitation
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Centre
  • Addiction Assessment Counselling Centre
  • Three Oaks Foundation

A Child and Youth Counsellor (CYC) is available to assist students who may be experiencing difficulty in any
of the following ways:

  • Poor attendance
  • At risk of dropping out of school
  • Self esteem and emotional issues
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Social skills and behaviour management
  • Personal or family crisis which impact school performance

Student Success

Prince Edward Collegiate has a strong tradition of academic excellence. This has been established through a team effort. Our team includes students, teachers, family, support staff and principals.

Student Success Team

A Student Success Team consisting of the Administration, Head of Guidance, Guidance Counselors, Child and Youth Counselor, Student Success Teacher and the Head of Special Education meet every week to conference, discuss and determine interventions that may be required to ensure that each student is successful. Students are served well by this collective approach.

Student Success Teacher

Student Success Teachers play a key role in supporting school-wide efforts to improve outcomes for students who are struggling with the secondary curriculum and may be at risk of not graduating or receiving certification for their achievements. They provide a combination of direct support or instruction to these students in order to improve attendance, retention and achievement rates.

The Opportunity Room

The Student Success Room organizes and runs a number of student success initiatives designed to support student success at Prince Edward Collegiate. At the discretion of the Student Success Team, students may be scheduled into the opportunity room for Credit Rescue (if a course is at risk) or Credit Recovery (if a student has been unsuccessful in a class).

Alternative to Suspension

The alternative to suspension program (ASP) is designed to help students succeed by staying in school to complete course assignments in a supervised room separate from the student body. It is a potential alternativeto out of school suspension.

Contact: Ms. Lisa Fraser, Student Success Lead Teacher, ext. 2232

Special Education

Prince Edward Collegiate Institute offers a range of special education services and programs designed to meet a wide range of students’ needs. Prince Edward Collegiate Institute’s Head of Special Education is the ISEH. The Interdepartmental Special Education Head coordinates academic programs and supports students with individual education plans (IEPs). Special education programming and support occurs, for the most part, in the regular classroom. The ISEH ensures that each student’s individual education plan accurately reflects his or her learning needs and assists teachers to meet those needs in the classroom setting. The ISEH works closely with teachers to increase awareness around specific needs and provide support to parents, students and classroom teachers. The Resource Room at Prince Edward Collegiate Institute is accessed by many students on a daily basis. It is an inclusive environment that encourages all students to come and get help in their academic course work, improve learning skills and grab a bite to eat at the Food For Learning Program.

The Interdepartmental Special Education Head (ISEH)

PECI's ISEH coordinates academic programs and supports the identified students in the school. A major portion of special programs take place in the regular classroom. The ISEH ensures that each student identified through the IPRC Process has an Individual Education Plan that accurately reflects his/her learning needs and assists teachers to meet those needs as much as possible within the school structure. The ISEH works closely with subject teachers to increase awareness of specific needs, match learning styles to teaching strategies and assist in modifying content and evaluation procedures where necessary. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the ISEH regarding programming and support.

Resource Room

The Resource Room at Prince Edward Collegiate is accessed by many students on a daily basis. The Resource Room provides academic support in all subject areas and all grade levels.

Remedial Assistance

Any student, whether identified as exceptional through an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) or not, may receive academic support as arranged through the Special Education Department. These services are designed to meet a specific student’s unique needs. Please contact your student’s teachers, the Guidance Centre, the ISEH or the Student Success Teacher to discuss an individual student’s program.

The Special Education Advisory Committee (S.E.A.C.)

S.E.A.C. is a local committee mandated by the Ministry of Education whose role is to make recommendations to the Board in any matter affecting the establishment, development and delivery of special education programs and services for exceptional students. The members of S.E.A.C. meet in order to support students with special needs, and their parents. Membership is made up of associations, parents, Board and community
representatives. S.E.A.C. meetings are open to the public. Interested individuals are welcome to call any association representative or committee member listed in the Special Connections brochure, or through contacting the Special Education Department (966-1170, ext 2270) for more information.

Contact: Ms. Heather Munroe, ISEH, ext 2234